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The better way to get new perspectives

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Guillaume Dulude

How Not To Get Eaten By Canibals




Gabriel Bran Lopez

Hands-on Projects: The key to reducing dropout rates

Gabriel is the Founding President of Youth Fusion, an award-winning charity that works to lower dropout rates through weekly programs with 10,500 at-risk youth in more than 80 schools across the province of Quebec. Gabriel was elected President of the Jeune Chambre de commerce de Montréal in 2015 and currently sits on the board of Concordia University and the J.A. Bombardier Foundation.

Andrés Finzi

A molecular "can opener" in the fight against HIV

As an assistant professor at the department of microbiology, infectiology and immunology of Université de Montréal and researcher at the Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal, Andrés Finzi and his team have spent many years working towards finding new ways to fight HIV. Through their innovative approach in studying the virus, M. Finzi and his collaborators have proudly reached a major breakthrough which might be key in the fight for a functional cure.

Tom Whitton

How Plasma can fix our waste problem

As the Sales Manager with Pyrogenesis Canada Inc., and as a member of the board of directors at Écotech Quebec, Tom Whitton is interested in ecological preservation and the environmental impacts of consumerism. Although recycling and modern practices of waste management have considerably reduced the quantities of rubbish we produce, the mid-to-long term impacts of the system currently in place reveal flaws that are highly detrimental to our health and life on this planet. In light of this fact, Tom Whitton offers direct, hands-on solutions that, in other spheres, have already proven their effectiveness.

Mr. Whitton holds a degree in chemical engineering from McGill University and has worked in technology development for nearly 25 years. Mr. Whitton was also a city councillor in Deux-Montagnes.

Jérôme Glad

Réinventer la ville, tous ensemble, et à moindre coût

Having studied architecture and urban design, Jérôme Glad started his career managing design at an architecture firm. He then specialized in the development of urban initiatives within the ADUQ (Quebec Association of Urban Design), and subsequently founded Pépinière & Co, a placemaking organization, with Maxim Bragoli in 2014. For the past three years, Jérôme has contributed to the creation of innovative urban projects in Montréal, bringing together design, culture and local communities. His projects include Les Jardins Gamelin, Village au Pied-du-Courant, Marché du Nord andMarché des Ruelles.

Thanks to his experience in building and managing atypical projects, Jérôme Glad has developed a critical eye when it comes to modern urbanism and how we imagine the 21st-century city, his projects balance human, cultural, and social dynamics, as well as the new economic reality.

Myra Giberovitch

Genocide Survivors: Contributors not Victims

A daughter of Holocaust survivors, Myra Giberovitch started the first community-based social service program for Holocaust survivors in Canada and is internationally recognized as a pioneer in this area. Author of “Recovering from Genocidal Trauma” and McGill University Adjunct Professor, Myra holds the conviction that there are positive lessons to be drawn from the experience of Holocaust survivors, and that every tragedy, be it on a small or great scale, has the potential to foster positive growth.

Guillaume Dulude

How to not get eaten by a cannibal

Guillaume Dulude is currently completing a Phd in neuropsychology and works as an interpersonal communication strategist. As an explorer, he has traveled extensively to remote areas around the globe, and has come in contact with cannibalistic tribes in Indonesia and indigenous populations in Papua New Guinea. These unique experiences led to the creation of a documentary film entitled #TRIBE. Despite the absence of a common language or culture, Guillaume succeeded in interacting with local populations using instinctive, non-verbal communication. In exploring the power of psychology as well as neuro and cognitive science, Guillaume’s talk demonstrates the importance of active listening and explores new techniques that seek to optimize the ways in which we communicate with the world.

Sophie Brochu

Au nom des enfants

President and Chief Executive Officer at Gaz Metro, Sophie Brochu has been a key player in the energy industry for over 25 years. In addition to being highly involved in Canada’s economic stage as a member of the board of directors of the Bank of Montreal, Bell Canada and BCE Inc., Mrs. Brochu is also actively engaged with local communities and grassroot organizations such as Centraide of Greater Montreal, Forces Avenir, The Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation, and l’Effet A. In her talk, Sophie introduces us to La ruelle de l’avenir, a project dear to her heart that demonstrates what is possible when three sectors who have traditionally worked independently from one another (academic, private and communitarian) join forces for a common cause: to make a difference in the lives of thousands of children.

Danièle Henkel

Vos peurs, vos choix, votre vie

Accomplished businesswoman Danièle Henkel, founder and owner of Daniele Henkel Inc, successful writer and sought-after speaker, was recently named chairwoman of the board of directors of the Park Jean-Drapeau Society. Known for her appearance on the popular television show Dragon’s Den, she quickly became Quebec’s favoured dragoness due to her charm and warmth. Despite her impressive background, the road to success has not been without obstacles. However, it is by following her intuition, by embracing the good as well as the bad and by seizing opportunities to better herself that Danièle has managed to overcome hardship and become the woman she is today. Her talk is a rallying call in favour of reclaiming your personal power.

Trevor Copp & Jeff Fox

Liquid Lead Dancing - It takes two to lead

Award winning founder of the contemporary theatre/dance company Tottering Biped Theatre, Trevor Copp is known for innovative social justice theatre that blends physicality, image and narrative. In a talk/dance, Copp will discuss the creation of ‘First Dance’, a dance/theatre production whose central element proposes a way of changing gender role perception by altering one of the most traditional dance forms: Ballroom.

Jeff Fox is a professional dancer/competitor/choreographer who has been teaching in Kitchener Ontario for the past fifteen years and has won professional titles in American Smooth, Rhythm, Theatre Arts, and Showdance. Aside from his dancing Jeff is also a double black belt, a singer, has an honours degree in psychology, writes novels, and is certified in Reiki.

Jonathan Bélisle

Transmedia Reading : Let's read with all 5 senses!

Jonathan Bélisle has been an Interactions Poet & Web entrepreneur for 20 years. As a polymath, he blends together his skills as an interactive designer, User Research Director, creative technologist and an inspired teacher. He studied film narratology and mastered visual thinking before combining them with ethnographic methods and service design thinking. His diverse background enables him to approach complex problems in a playful manner when adding Human Touch to mobile devices and interactive storytelling to connected objects and media. He is the founder of Hello, Architekt ! a Sensemaking & Changemaking Consultancy that helped the digital transformation of many enterprises, creator of Wuxia the Fox, a Research Affiliate at the Annenberg Innovation Lab of Southern California University, a professor of experience architecture at INIS Media School and Chief Design Officer at SAGA where he created the first OS for the Physical World.

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    Once their ideas have been more deeply explored, a second selection committee – this time consisting of professionals from a variety of fields – examines the applications. The programming committee presents each application to the selection committee and the latter eventually votes to choose the speakers that will be part of the next TEDxMontréal edition.

    Speakers are then coached all year long in order to prepare their talk, not only to make it a success on the day of the event but also to make it even more likely to be shared online in the TED community after the event. The speaker selection and the coaching of the happy few will therefore spread over several months. Currently, the application form is not yet online… But keep an eye out for it on our website or subscribe to our newsletter… The selection for next year should start in January 2016!

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