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Volunteer Front End Web Developer Team member

Front End Web Developer Team member

TEDxMontreal is looking for a resourceful and detail oriented candidate to build, manage, and support our digital presence.
You will be responsible for maintaining and updating the WordPress backend as needed, working with the team to implement extended functionalities on the existing page and help the team updating their content. This may also include any questions and troubleshooting that might be necessary.
As a part of the TEDxMontreal Team, the ideal candidate possesses a deep personal interest in the innovations that are being created in our effervescent and unique city. Sparking interest in learning and spreading homegrown ideas are the essence of our event.

Key responsibilities:

  1. Maintaining and updating the WordPress backend, plugins and 3rd party services as necessary.
  2. Building out new sections of the site as needed during the year. This may include building out ticketing functionality through a 3rd party plugin or some other integration. This may also include new content sections, pages, and/or adjusting the current layout.
  3. Managing the custom post types on the back end.
  4. Uploading content provided by the TedxMontréal team,both in published posts, as well as in content sections on the main page.
  5. Publishing and maintaining our annual livestream page, and troubleshooting any issues that might come up.
  6. Working with our graphic designer to provide feedback on UX considerations in any designs that are created for online implementation.
  7. Being a key member of the TEDxMontreal organizing committee and the website team.
  8. Performing other related duties as needed and assigned.

The skills we’re looking for:

  1. Experience building responsive websites and troubleshooting via browser developer tools.
  2. Proficiency in HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, WordPress, as well as custom WordPress themes and custom post types.
  3. Familiar with DOM, browser compatibility, debugging tools and task runners such as Grunt and Webpack.
  4. Experience with SEO.
  5. Comfortable using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
  6. Clear and thorough communicator in describing work and motivations, with the ability to communicate technical details to a non-technical audience.
  7. Bilingual (English and French)
  8. Experience with Google Docs, Google Hangouts, Trello, Doodle in addition to MS Office or iWorks software.

The “bonus” skills we’ll appreciate:

  1. Comfortable with social network management
  2. Editorial capabilities for writing and managing contents according to the communication channels
  3. Knowledge in media planning management

The spirit we’re looking for:

  1. Detail oriented
  2. An independent self-starter and a team player
  3. Passionate about learning, collaborating, and seeking new experiences
  4. An excellent problem solver with a consistent, efficient approach
  5. Strongly organized and diligent about their time management
  6. Passionate about usability, accessibility, human-centered design, and UX/UI
  7. Shows a keen interest in innovative ideas and TED’s core mission of spreading innovative ideas
  8. A positive and motivated person
  9. Love for TED!

How you should apply:

Send us a cover letter explaining how you, your experience and your passion would be a great asset to TEDxMontreal as our Web Developer. Please include your resume, portfolio, and samples of your work (URL’s) so we can see what you’ve done and where you’re headed.

Please note: the majority of the team’s meetings take place online with Google Hangout on a weekly basis. The candidate must also be available for face-to-face meetings in Montreal. This includes being available for an in-person interview.

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